NXTFRIDAY creates music that speaks to the soul, on Dark Trap drums

For NXTFRIDAY, music is his life story, everything you hear in his music comes from something he saw or experienced. Growing up, music was his escape. The way he expressed himself while sharing his story, in the hope that others might one day tell it, was brilliant.

When Friday started, during one of his performances, he was so nervous after smoking a joint, that he got up and killed him, but then forgot some of his lyrics because he was too out of it. ‘difference. The lesson he learned was to always train and prepare. “Music is the energy we can hear,” he quotes. It all depends on the mood and the message you are broadcasting.

Friday stands out alone from his unique auto-tuning voice to his long-haired brunette boy image, he has already amassed a large following online. Through his sound and his influence, we have already seen many artists try to adopt pieces of his style. He’s not trying to paint a “certain image”, he just doesn’t care and just wants to make music that people can rock to while doing what he loves.

He also recommends that the best way to thrive and not “burn out” is to take your time. As the great Nipsey Hustle said, “It’s a marathon, not a sprint”, set goals and take things day by day. You will eventually reach a milestone where you will see your progress and how far you have come.

None of us can succeed without help along the way. For him, if it hadn’t been for the support of his family and friends, he wouldn’t be here today. They pushed him to keep going when things got dark and he’s forever grateful to have such genuine people who believe in him and share his vision.

He creates music that speaks to the soul, over dark trap drums you can still resonate with, evoking heartbreak and loss, you can hear the influence of young Kanye in his sound. Friday quotes “If I can change at least one person’s life through my music, then my job is done.”


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