Official ARMORED SAINT Documentary ‘Band Of Brothers’ Coming ‘Soon’

SAINT IN ARMORthe long-awaited documentary, Armored Knight: Band of Brothers”will be available “soon” through “select theaters and streaming outlets.”

The official movie poster can be found below.

Last week, SAINT IN ARMOR singer John Bush told “The Bay Ragni Show” of the band’s documentary, “Well, Russell [Cherrington], who’s the man in charge of this and the guy who put it all together – he’s kind of his baby – he was doing the final editing. I think we were micromanaging, but at the same time we were trying not to, because he is his thing. He got some amazing interviews with people I was really surprised he was able to interview – people like Bernstein Cliffwho was our manager when we started, and Ron’s Fairwho signed us for Chrysalis, Brian Slagel [head of Metal Blade Records], Lars [Ulrich] and james [Hetfield of METALLICA were interviewed for] that, and also Ian Scott [ANTHRAX], [producer] Max Norman, among many others. So that was really, really cool. It was really great, and I think it would be great if it came out.”

As for what takes so long to complete the film, Bush said: “It’s just that there were some images that seemed a bit redundant, it was a bit too much. You know what? The parts of the interview are some of the best, and I love it all. It was just part of the footage. We were trying to say, ‘You’ve already shown this. You’ve already shown that.’ And there are many sequences of SAINT IN ARMOR over the years and even recently. That being said, I think he was kind of working with that with his own life; he has his own thing going on. So he kind of did it as a labor of love and tried to do it when he had the chance. It will come out at some point. I don’t know when yet.”

“Armored Saint: Band Of Brothers” would also contain interviews with Bill Metoyer (engineer, producer),Jean Kornarens (music video director),John Sutherland (friend),Bob Nalbandian (friend),Tracy Vera (Metal Blade Records),Mike Faley (Metal Blade Records),Zach Harmen (METALLICA, ARMORED SAINT tech), and many more family and friends.

Two years ago, SAINT IN ARMOR bass player Joey Vera say to ireland Overdrive on “Armored Saint: Band Of Brothers”“It’s not directly involved with us, but we have a peripheral involvement with it.

“There is a friend of the band who lives in the UK and he is also a long time fan of the band. He is based in or near Newcastle. He is a filmmaker and also a teacher at the local university. He made a bunch of cool shorts. I even worked with him on the music for some of his movies. Anyway, he approached us with the idea of ​​producing a documentary about the history of the group. I said, “Go ahead. I don’t want to be micromanaging this project, so you tell your story the way you see us [ARMORED SAINT]and if you need any recordings, or information, etc. let me know.'”

He added, “I’m really looking forward to seeing the finished project when it’s ready. We’ve given it a lot of very old VHS performances, photos and interviews etc. have never been seen before. Hope all goes well for him.

“I have a really weird thing about being associated with something that concerns me, if you know what I mean. I feel like it shouldn’t be like that, like, ‘Hey , watch this movie I made about myself.’ [Laughs] I try to stay out of it as much as I can.

“To be honest, I don’t know how much of a story we have for the average person, but for anyone who knows us or is interested in this whole scene, I’m sure they’ll really enjoy it.”

SAINT IN ARMORthe eighth album of, “Punch in the Sky”was released in October 2020 via Metal blade discs.

SAINT IN ARMOR kicked off their long-awaited US tour in fall 2022 by supporting WASP on October 28 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The trek will run through December 11 in Los Angeles, California. Additional support is provided by MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP on some shows.

SAINT IN ARMOR published the “Live Salvation Symbol” CD/DVD last fall via Metal blade discs. The release came to celebrate the seminal album’s 30th anniversary. “Live Salvation Symbol” was a combination live album and video of the band performing the album in its entirety at New York’s famed Gramercy Theater during their 2018 tour. It captures the unrivaled power, diversity and songwriting that they contains.

Soon available in some cinemas and broadcast points!

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