“Particle Ink: Speed ​​of Dark”, an original immersive experience that takes visitors through a portal to 2.5e dimension, offers private performances of the breathtaking mixed reality experience as well as a one-of-a-kind space for private and corporate events in Las Vegas.

Located in the Las Vegas Arts District, the 6,000 square foot LightHouse offers seating and event setup assistance, full audio/video capabilities, customizable branding opportunities and catering options, making the space an ideal venue for corporate meetings, convention groups, networking events or even holiday parties.

Featuring ethereal spaces created by the inventive minds of the ink-particle LightPoets, this otherworldly venue transports guests to the pages of a living graphic novel. Whether attendees of a private event want to experience their own exclusive viewing of “Speed ​​of Dark” followed by an intimate afterparty or are looking to host a reunion or other social gathering in the LightHouse, guests can experience whimsical illustrations jumping walls, street art, live performances and never-before-seen interactive technology. The LightHouse offers flexible indoor and outdoor spaces that can be enabled for private bookings.

“The LightHouse serves as a portal to another dimension, setting it apart from any other place in the world,” said Cesar Hawas, executive producer, Particle ink. “Its kaleidoscopic playground provides the perfect setting for a private ‘Speed ​​of Dark’ viewing or an unforgettable business or social gathering surrounded by incredible artwork, performers and mind-blowing technology. ”

To learn more about private bookings, visit

Presented by Kaleidoco, an entertainment technology company, the “Particle Ink: Speed ​​of Dark” portal is now open at the LightHouse in the 18b Las Vegas Arts District. Created by a team whose resumes include Sleep No More, Cirque du Soleil, Disney Imagineering and myriad other creative endeavors, the Particle Ink Metaverse blends the virtual world into the physical world through mixed reality and innovative technologies. . Particle Ink encompasses thought-provoking creativity, imaginative interactive installations, and dynamic, mind-bending digital and physical portals designed to enlighten and inspire audiences. For more information, visit

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