Pauley Perrette’s favorite episode of NCIS

Pauley Perrette played Abby on CBS’ NCIS for fifteen seasons and here is her personal favorite episode, which comes from the third season.

This is Pauley Perrette’s favorite episode of NCIS. Like much of the cast, Perrette’s Abigail “Abby” Sciuto was featured during the show’s backdoor pilot on the legal drama POINT. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service headed by Mark Harmon’s Gibbs was introduced during JAG eighth season, and they quickly gained their own solo series. NCIS got off to a slow start but over time became one of the most popular procedures on TV. This is likely due to the show’s likeable cast of characters, including Ziva, McGee, and Abby.

Pauley Perrette’s Abby is famous for her goth looks, her many tattoos, her love for a caffeinated drink nicknamed Caf-Pow, and her relentlessly cheerful attitude. She served as a medical examiner on the show and was a regular source of comic relief. Perrette Credits NCIS creator Donald P. Bellisario for Abby’s personality, as he envisioned a character whose cheerful personality was in stark contrast to the stereotypical moody image of a goth. Perrette’s performance made her one of the most popular characters in NCISwhich she left after the fifteenth season.


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Prior to her exit following the Season 15 episode “Two Steps Back”, Abby had appeared in nearly every episode. This, of course, gave the actor plenty of episodes to choose from when asked which was his favorite. Paulie Perrette’s Favorite Episode NCIS is Season 3’s “Bloodbath,” which sees Abby being the target of an assassination. It turns out the actor had a very personal connection to the story. She said TV Insider that “This was one of the hardest episodes for me to do because Abby is bullied, and I was horribly bullied in real life. I was afraid of how it was going to affect me – it’s like putting my family life to work. I was scared at first, but it ended up being really cathartic.”

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NCIS‘ – where Ducky rarely appears now – ‘Bloodbath’ is a great showcase for Perrette, and the story takes on added weight knowing the actor was shooting from a very personal place. It obviously holds a special place for Perrette too, who considered filming the episode “cathartic” despite its real-life parallels.

Perrette not only exited NCIS in 2018, she later announced her retirement from acting after the sitcom ended Broken. While fans of NCIS would no doubt love a return appearance from Abby one day, Perette ruled that out. Her exit from the show followed behind-the-scenes issues with co-star Harmon, who later quit. NCIS during season 19. Perhaps the actor could be persuaded to make an appearance each time NCIS is finally ending, but she’s unlikely to ever return to the show full-time.

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