Singer Gord Kirchin from the Canadian cult metal band PILOT died after a battle with lung cancer. He was 60 years old.

GodThe death of was confirmed by his sister Tinawho took advantage of his social networks to write: “Before arriving at the hospital, he played me 2 songs on SiriusXM, The sweetness of the hearth ‘I’m on my way please release me home sweet home’ and of course EMBRACE, Rock n Roll all night. I know for a fact that he sent me this message. He passed while I was on my way.

“I’m heartbroken, so heartbroken, but I know he’ll be playing music with all his idols there. Namely Frank Zappa.

“I will miss him immensely, the laughs, his nickname for me, the silliness, his breathtaking musical talent. He called me his mini-me.

“A close friend of his did this PILOT attach. [See below.] So grateful to every one of his friends and fans, you kept him going as long as he could.

“Rest in power Gordy, Teenager see you again, please hug mum and dad and kiss them for me”.

Less than three weeks ago Kirchin took to his social media to say he had completed the “last round of chemo” following his diagnosis. At the time, he wrote that “it’s been a brutal chemical battle”, adding that “chemo really sucks”. He said the plan was to go through “three weeks of horrible yuck because of his side effects and then in six weeks we’ll scan to see if we’ve got it all figured out”.

Elaborating on the health issues he had faced following his battle with cancer, God said: “I’m not without battle scars to carry for the rest of my life; severe scarring in my lungs from the initial infection on top of the radiation scarring, and that’s drastically reducing my consumption of oxygen, leaving me gasping even after light exertion, and radiation damage to my esophagus, trachea and throat may end my career as a live singer… so… I’m going to have to change of speed and aim. man!” He went on to say, “The crux of the cookie is that I’m alive! I’m still here! I’m vertical and mobile! I still have a great life to do! back to life!!! Fuuuuuuuuuuuck cancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Since its original release in 1984, PILOTthe first album of, “Metal Inquisition”found a legion of fans worldwide over successive generations and spanning all metal bands.

In an interview with metalworker In 2008, Kirchin talked about how the idea of PILOT came about. He said: “Leslie HoweI played with him in a bar band sometime in the 80s. It was called MAIN STREAM and was just a cover band doing gigs in bars. I finally left this group to play in FIST with Ron Chenierthen I continued to play with it Brian Greenway. I was on the road and got a phone call from Leslie Howe stating that he was working on a heavy metal recording project that wouldn’t have a band, but they needed a really heavy vocal and he remembered that I was in the band and had the vocal heavy. I said, ‘Yes, as soon as I leave this tour, I’d be happy to do that.’ I returned to Ottawa and in two days I sang. It was just to hang out and make some money for Leslie and this record weasel. What happened is that it got huge. They didn’t expect it to get huge.”

The music on “Metal Inquisition” was written by howe (pseudonym: Bud feller) and Rein (pseudonym: Sal Gibson), who will both work with a young Alanis Morissette.

“When I entered the project and heard the quality of these songs, I really put one hundred and ten percent into singing them, because I was young”, Kirchin recalled. “I was 23. It was my first hit and my first chance to be on an album. What did I care if it wasn’t really a band or anything? My voice would be out there, and I thought that was would get me moved on to a more legit project, like someone picking me up if they liked my voice, but it wasn’t advertised and accidentally morphed into something huge because of the quality of the music.

In addition to managing the lead vocals on disk, Kirchin became “pile driver”so eloquently depicted on the album cover. PILOTThe physicality of could be felt forcefully in the searing guitars and bountiful bass, making the album one of the heaviest of the era. And, of course, the songs: each one is an anthem, as addictive as the previous one, complete with bangers “Sex with Satan” (later covered by MARDUK),“Pile driver” and the title song “Metal Inquisition” being icy classics that every true metalhead should know.

Stage day!!!! Last round of chemo!!!
It’s been a brutal chemical battle, chemo really sucks, but we’re nearing the end…

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