President Barack Obama unveils his summer 2022 playlist – Deadline

Another summer, another playlist.

President Barack Obama unveiled his list of 44 songs of the summer on social networks. As usual, it’s an eclectic mix of pop, r&b and hip hop tracks. The list is dominated by old-school tracks like Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy”, Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing In The Dark“, Miles Davis’ “Blue and Green” and many more. It’s no surprise as he would naturally choose songs from when he grew up or music he grew up with in his family home.

“Each year, I am delighted to share my summer playlist because I’m learning about so many new artists from your responses – it’s an example of how music can really bring us together. Here’s what I listened to this summer. What songs would you add? »

He also listed some recent tracks like “Break My Soul” by Beyonce, “Vibe Out” by Tems and “Ojitos Lindos” by Bad Bunny and Bomba Estereo, “Cherries” by Hope Tala and a few other hits from the list.

President Obama’s choices are varied by gender, and he has taste and style. Music lovers should definitely try these songs, because even I am a fan of many of them.

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