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Still not finished Vampire Jung Kook? The subversive Jimin would like a word. The official BTS Twitter account shared the first images of Jimin’s “photo-folio” images on Monday, September 26, and they show the singer opting for a dark look in black and white leather and silver chains.


See the latest videos, graphics and news

See the latest videos, graphics and news

The new solo images — which arrive after RM and Jung Kook’s respective photobooks — show Jimin smoldering on camera in all black, including elbow-length lace-up gloves. In the following photos, he poses with a black geometric mask with large ears and deer antlers in his black ensemble, and later appears in another white heavy chain ensemble as he poses among masked mannequins.

The official BTS Twitter account shared the images of Jung Kook with the caption, “Me, myself and Jimin. ID: Chaos. features the K-pop star talking about his feelings, as well as how the theme came about.

“Since we still have time, I think wearing white for this concept would be fine. It would look neater because the concept is my raw self,” Jimin explained as scenes of him posing in an outfit appear lighter and flowing. “I think a lot of emotions will be put into it, so instead of a black or colored outfit, going for a white outfit would suit the concept better. Even if I’m wearing something like that” – he ruffle the prints -” presentation-wise since the concept is my inner self, we could go for a rough makeup from the third look.

In a later scene, Jimin says, “That’s the black outfit,” referencing the shiny black leather look before noting, “but that’s the original me.”

The pre-order and release dates for Jimin’s photobook have yet to be announced. If the “photo-folio” makes you want to have one for each Bangtan Boy, your wish will be granted: Special books are planned for each member.

Check out Jimin’s new photos, behind-the-scenes video, and concept film below.

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