SPOTLIGHT: Side Pony’s NJ Five-Star Show Comes After Five-Star Album Release

If you thought side ponytails were old fashioned, you might be right. The Side Pony group, however… that’s another story. The one you need to start logging in on.

Hailing from Nashville’s coveted music scene are Alice Wallace and Caitlin Cannon, the duo that make up Side Pony. The duo individually followed the songwriting circuit in the artistic community before making their way in 2018 on a songwriting tour. Three years later, their next album is dubbed “one of the most anticipated albums of the last 2021” by Save country music.

Released on October 8 Stroke of luck is an album that sparkles and shines with real depth. With two powerful singers, you would think things would be tough, but instead they bounce off each other musically, lyrically, and personally. Contrasting personalities and musical approaches stun anyone who knows them, but like the couple’s chance meeting, the way people gravitate around this delightfully harmonious and evocative contradiction of a band is magical.

With undertones of country pop, grunge-tastic musicality, and an eye for timeless folk storytelling, Side Pony has created a sound so unique it has to be seen to be believed. With less than 10 days of their album’s release, there’s a concert right here in New Jersey to celebrate and share this new era of Side Pony and the stellar grooves that go with it. They are coming to the Hudson West Fest in Jersey City on October 16th and you can find tickets and event information here! Hope to see you there playing with us on “Bad Ideas”!

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