Summer books 2021: Classical music


The musical human: A story of life on Earth
by Michael Spitzer, € 30

How does music fit into human development? Michael Spitzer ambitiously aims to deliver a holistic response, from bone flutes to Beethoven, from whale songs to K-pop. Its embrace of science and philosophy makes it a vigorous, sometimes tendentious, always stimulating intellectual training.

Mozart: The reign of love
by Jan Swafford, Faber £ 30

It is undoubtedly time for a biography of a composer which returns to the essential. Jan Swafford’s 830-page account of the life and works of Mozart has no axes to grind or theories to promote. He’s thorough and level-headed, and puts the music center stage, which is surely where it should be.

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Lev’s violin: An Italian adventure
by Helena Attlee, Private books £ 20

The chance hearing of a violin playing klezmer in a small Welsh town sends Helena Attlee on a journey of discovery. Both mystery and love story (for the darling violin), the book traces its way to the cultural centers of Italy and finally, as modern-day Agatha Christie, to Russia in search of its creator.

Summer books 2021

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