The Assassins have another chance to stage a theatrical production in Hamilton

The Cast of Bold Theater production of Assassins, which premieres at the Meteor Theater from December 10.


The Cast of Bold Theater production of Assassins, which premieres at the Meteor Theater from December 10.

If you miss your shot at first, take stock, refocus, and try again.

And, if necessary, again.

Such was the experience of the theater company behind Assassins, a Tony Award-winning musical that delves into the lives of nine real people who murdered or attempted to assassinate various Presidents of the United States, including the infamous John Wilkes Booth and Lee Harvey Oswald.

When it opens to the public at Hamilton’s Meteor Theater on Friday, December 10, it will hopefully be a third chance for the production, now thwarted twice by Covid lockdowns.

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Directed by the Hamilton Bold Theater Company, Assassins launched early last year, producer Charlotte Isaac said.

“But Covid arrived and everything stopped. Then, a few days before the rescheduled August season this year, production was again suspended. “

“Fortunately we were able to secure another time slot at Meteor… We feel very lucky that all of our talented actors except one are still available for the new dates and we look forward to putting on this show and thank everyone for their patience it will be worth the wait.

Hamilton theatergoers frequented the local live theater, Isaac said.

“Our opening night is already full with two more almost full evenings.”

Assassins was created by the late composer / lyricist Stephen Sondheim (Sweeney todd, In the woods, West Side Story). Partly vaudeville extravaganza, part exposed, the show is billed as a dark and controversial musical about the American dream gone awry.

“Gun laws, political corruption, social and cultural upheavals – all eyes are still on what’s going on in America,” said director Kyle Chuen.

“Just browse last year’s Twitter and Facebook feeds to relive the injustice the whole world felt, no matter which side you were on. Now imagine you feel so strong about it, it made you want to go shoot a president. “

The musical direction is under the experienced baton of Nick Braae.

“Music for Assassins is very typical of Stephen Sondheim. There is a strong feeling of writing the qualities of the characters into the songs themselves. The entire score is a panorama of traditional American styles – folk, bluegrass, marches, jazz, mellow 70s pop – reflecting the eras of the various assassins.

“Originally written for a full orchestra, this production will feature a four-piece band that will create the sound of a quirky and quirky jazz ensemble – perhaps like what one would find in carnival decor. lugubrious where all the characters meet “.

Tickets for the show can be obtained through

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