“The First Asian Americans in Pop Music”

American guitarist Kirk Hammett named one of his favorite bands that would surprise Metallic fans and admitted that the very first Asian-American pop group, The associationis the group that he fell in love with their harmonies.

Kirk Hammett was the lead guitarist of the heavy metal band Metallic since 1983. He joined the group as a replacement Dave Mustaine after being fired due to personal issues. During his continued career with the band, Kirk Hammett has released ten studio albums with Metallic, which means he played in all of the band’s albums. He is the co-author of the group’s hit songs such as terrifying death, Fade to black, Holy Wrath, Frantic, Enter Sandmanand the Unforgiven.

Before Metallic, Kirk Hammett was a member of the thrash metal band Exodus. During his tenure with Exodushe had played in the band Demo 1982 and the 1983 demo, die by his hand. He also helped release the band in 2004 Tempo of the Damned as songwriting credit impaler. In 2014, he once again contributed to Exodus play guitar solo to the beloved song Salt the woundtaken by the band’s release in 2014 Blood in, blood out.

On the other hand, one of Kirk Hammetthis favorite groups, The association, is a pop music group formed in California. At press time, the band has released seven studio albums. Launched in 1966 with And then… comes the associationthe group released their last studio album in 1972, named Waterbeds in Trinidad!. There are plenty of songs that have peaked on the Billboard Charts, including Never my love, Windyand With comes Mary.

However, during his recent appearance on Pop! To speak, Kirk Hammett revealed his favorite album coverhis favorite song of all timeand the group that surprises Metallica fans when they heard his favorite band. At first, the guitarist named his favorite album cover. According to him, the group’s mascot Eddie in Iron MaidenThe self-titled debut studio album has a different vibe to it.

“You know, there are so many great album covers and so many memorable ones”, Church noted. “But the one that made me want to buy the album and totally fulfilled everything they expected of it was the whole, very first Iron Maiden album. You know, with Eddie on the blanket.

“I saw this with my friend John Marshal, I saw this, and we were like, ‘This is something we have to get.

“And I turned it around and it all looked familiar. You know? Guitar, bass, drums, lead singer – they’re all dressed in leather. You know, they had the look. Check the titles: ‘The Phantom of Opera”, okay! Yes, I’m behind it all!’ And yes, my intuition was correct.

Kirk Hammett Admits ‘The Association’ Is His Favorite Band That Surprises Metallica Fans

Later then, Kirk Hammett we asked if there was band he loves that would also surprise fans of his band Metallica. Open up about his passion for all genres of music, Hammet named a pop group, The association, as his favorite that surprised them. He also praised their hit song, Windy.

“Well, I mean – I like all types of music, I just don’t like bad music [Laughs]”, Church answered. “And for me, I love the Association.

“It’s this band from the 60s, there were four singers, and they did this song ‘Windy’ – uh, that band! I like their harmonies, I like their arrangements.

“Being Asian American, there was an Asian American in that band, and I think he was one of the very first Asian Americans in pop music. It was very cool to find that out too.

Naming her favorite song of all time, Kirk Hammett hit the rock band UFOit’s Shoot, shoot. Revealing the importance of the song for him, Hammet said the song still influences him during the works he did with Metallic.

“One of my all-time favorite songs is ‘Shoot, Shoot’ from UFO when I was 15 or 16,” admits Kirk. “You know, I’m just learning to play guitar in my bedroom. [When] I first learned this song earlier in the afternoon, I was so blown away by the guitar playing, and just the riffs and everything.

“When I heard about it, it gave me a real sense of accomplishment because – first of all, it was UFO, a band that was unlike any other band in America at that time, in the end 70s, and no one really knew who UFO was, to this day a lot of people don’t know [laughs].

“But, when I learned that song, like I said, it gave me a real sense of accomplishment, because I could play it from start to finish, along with the guitar solo.

“And then I continued to play it like I did throughout my teenage years – in my bedroom, just alone with the recording. And so when I think back to that time, I wonder why this song is kind of, like – it was a big part of my development as a guitarist and just finding my style, it has a lot of elements that I learned back then and still use in Metallica today. very basic – but it’s still there. And so, that’s why it’s my favorite song, I think.

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