Thymesia: How to defeat Varg

Thymesia is an action RPG set in a gothic world struck by a terrible plague. Levels of Thymesia are memories of Corvus that must be experienced in order to be remembered. Varg first appears as the tutorial boss that you are supposed to lose to start the game. Later in the game you will face Varg, which is a long time coming. Because Varg’s moveset is the same in every fight, this guide applies to the tutorial fight, except for a few available strategies.

Varg’s fight is a dance that requires dodging or parrying his telegraphed attacks to keep pace and keep the aggression up to par with his own. Parrying or attacking with a sword are all means of Wound him and Claw attacks or quick plague stabs can all continue to lower his green health without breaking aggro. Varg’s attacks are highly telegraphed, which can make them easy to dodge, but they deal tons of damage to make up for it. It has two phases gaining slightly faster attacks in the second phase.


How to get to Varg

Varg is the boss of Fortress of Hermes. His combat is a great crowning achievement for the area and its spiral staircases and locked doors. Varg makes his first appearance as a giant knight who gives you the smackdown that starts the game’s plot but his first phase can be beaten in the tutorial for an achievement.

Varg’s Moveset

Varg’s moveset hits hard but is slow and quite telegraphed compared to other bosses, allowing plenty of time between hits to deal damage. Varg has a move pool he can use in any order to form a combo of anywhere between one and three attacks. He frequently does a two-attack combo but can sometimes do one or three instead.

  • Two-hit combo where Varg sweeps past him
  • A dash to the side or back followed by a jump attack
  • Overhand Double Strike
  • Phase two starts with a red grab attack
  • Sword swipe, swipe attack
  • Swipe forward, slice up
  • Thick horizontal bar. This movement is often a follow-up to the sweep, but can sometimes be dropped on its own


  • Learn his parry timings and use a minimum level four Knife Plague Weapon. At level four, the knife unlocks the ability to dramatically shorten its cast time if used right after a parry. This is very effective against Varg since his attacks are spaced far enough apart that you can sneak in with a stab after parrying every attack in one of his chains. The knife removes large chunks of green health per hit, which helps deal a lot of damage to Varg quickly as long as you parry each attack.
  • All of his attacks hit hard, so parrying/dodge is key to not getting hit and losing tons of health and pressure.
  • Because his attacks are slow and hard hitting, they are easier to dodge as they are slower
  • Varg always does one or two attacks in a combo, so parrying at least one of them helps chew white health allowing for claw attack follow-ups to keep the pressure up
  • Despite his armor, Varg can quickly be pushed down with constant parry pressure. His attacks are slow but knock you back if you get hit, which can give him time to heal
  • The jump attack leaves Varg open to attacks for a while. Take advantage of the opening
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