UNLEASH THE ARCHERS Into The Abyss Tour 9.22.21 1720 Los Angeles, CA



Visit to the abyss
Los Angeles, CA


Looking for a parking space, walking past the hall’s front door and continuing to the end of the block, there was no end in sight for the line of enthusiastic fans waiting for this. Wednesday evening. Once inside, a long Disneyland-like line had formed, so long that the crowd had to position themselves in a labyrinthine configuration in order to keep the doors accessible. This seemingly endless line of energetic fans was selected for the Rnerch booth of Unleash the Archers. Within half an hour of being in this literal warehouse turned into a concert hall, this level of pure, unadulterated excitement and joy was contagious and ignited a level of passion rising from person to person. . And the show hadn’t even started.

The lights went out and the introductory music, “Waking Dream,” began and all vocals instantly turned into exuberant screams for the band to begin. One by one, the members of the Canadian power metal band took to the stage, with Andrew Kingsley and Grant Truesdell on guitars, Nick Miller on bass, Scott Buchanan on drums and singer Brittney Slayes. With each entry on stage, the crowd grew louder and louder, chanting “UTA! The group opened with “Abyss”, to the absolute elation of the crowd. The set that followed was a mix of new songs from their latest album, Abyss, and the oldest fan favorites of Mountain peak and Time Stands Always– “Across the Stars”, “The Legacy”, “Soulbound”, “Faster Than Light”, “The Matriarch”, “Cleanse the Bloodlines”, “Tonight We Ride”, “Awakening”, ” Apex ”,“ The wind that shapes the Land ”,“ Afterlife ”, with a reminder of“ Carry the Flame ”.

Brittney Siayes’ voice is what dreams are made of. A combination of lyrical heart and melodic metal soul that fills the body with excitement. Andrew Kingsley and Grant Truesdell kept the scene on par with Slayes, matching his twirling hair and headbanging, while also meeting on a level that very few bands are capable of as a whole. This group occurs as a single unit, each member equally important, not allowing themselves to outshine the others. They hopped on the amps and moved freely around the stage to engage with each other and with the audience in a way that makes everyone feel like this is an intimate performance, despite the fact that to be surrounded on all sides by a huge, overwhelming crowd. As the set progressed through the night, the energy level of each member increased to match the growing euphoria of the audience and the ever-growing and rapid mosh pit that filled the back half of the room. There wasn’t a single moment that those who were there weren’t fully engaged and invested in Unleash the Archers, not even in the silences between songs.


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