What happened to Abby’s eccentric tattoo on NCIS?


Most ink fans see on Abby Sciuto are actually Pauley Perrette’s real tattoos, with the exception of two. She told Parade Magazine that “The spider web on my character’s neck and the cross on her back belong to CBS.” Perrette got the fake ink because the show’s producers wanted visible tattoos for Abby no matter what the character was wearing. But that didn’t mean the two fake tattoos still appeared on the show.

The Daily Express noted that fans noticed a few episodes where Abby’s spider web tattoo did not appear. This was also picked up in the Reddit fan forums. And while no one on the show has ever given an official reason why the spider web was missing in a few scenes, it’s plausible that the makeup team simply forgot to place it on Perrette a few times or that it came off during filming. After all, the actress dreaded getting a tattoo on her neck and said it was clingy and would come off sometimes, especially if Abby was wearing a choker.

As for the fake cross tattoo, fans saw it occasionally on Abby during the show’s first six seasons. However, another tattoo appears on Abby’s back in the Season 7 episode “Truth And Consequences”. Here, Abby appears with a tattoo of a daisy on her back, and fans see it until Perrette’s exit from “NCIS.” This tattoo is actually Perrette’s, as seen revealed at red carpet events. It is possible that the real ink simply replaced the cross since the fake tattoo on the back does not appear in later “NCIS” seasons.


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