What we want to see at the Toronto International Film Festival

The Toronto International Film Festival is approaching and some of the year’s biggest films will be appearing. The festival will also be a showcase of some films that might not receive the same mainstream buzz, but still looks very promising. This is the first year that AIPT will cover TIFF and there are a lot of films we want to see. Here are the ones we look forward to the most.


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In what appears to be one of the most topical films of the year, the documentary deals with the longest hostage siege in the history of the New York Police Department. It was 1973 and four black men were involved in a shootout with the police which led to a stalemate. At the time, the 130-year-old policy was to issue an ultimatum and then respond with lethal force. Through interviews and footage, the film examines one of the most significant moments in police history.

A fit of rage

[TIFF '21]    Some favorites for the Toronto International Film Festival

Vampires have been a popular part of cinema since the beginning of the movies. It’s hard to come across a catchy story that honors the genre’s tropes. A fit of rage works by taking familiar themes and placing them in the modern world. However, they are not wealthy members of society. Anna is tired of eternal life and has a certain admiration for humans. But it’s the theme of “vampires as junkies” that really seems to set him apart.

To kill the beast

[TIFF '21]    Some favorites for the Toronto International Film Festival

A gothic horror story passing through South America, the film follows a young woman named Emilia. She travels to a small town on the border of Argentina and Brazil where she learns that a beast has harmed people, especially women. Dense atmosphere and rich characters are hallmarks of Gothic stories and it doesn’t look any different. As with most Gothic tales, this one feels less supernatural than psychological horror.

You are not my mother

[TIFF '21]    Some favorites for the Toronto International Film Festival

It seems that popular horror is making a comeback. This Irish export concerns a teenage girl whose mother has disappeared. When she comes back she looks a little different. Changes are welcome at first, but it soon becomes clear that not all changes were for the best. It’s a running horror storyline that’s always good for tension and adding touches of Irish folklore can only improve it.


[TIFF '21]    Some favorites for the Toronto International Film Festival

Set in Iran in 1978, the film uses a mixture of settings and circumstances to weave its horror story. A village believes it is cursed by demons and resorts to bloodshed in a crude and deadly form of exorcism. When the skeptic Massoud tries to stop the rituals, he meets a shaman who claims he can end the curse. Should he cling to his skepticism or trust the so-called expert to quell a possible riot?

Toronto International Film Festival takes place September 9-18

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