Who is the fastest guitarist in the Big Four thrash bands? Dave Mustaine has an opinion

Dave Mustaine recently met Revolver to answer questions submitted by fans, and the segment opened with a question about his thrash brothers: specifically, if there was a thrash riff between the Big Four guitarists to see who is the fastest, who does the leader of Megadeth believe would win?

Despite Mustaine writing some of the biggest and fastest riffs in thrash metal (“Mechanix”? “Holy Wars”? “Poison Was the Cure”?), he immediately backed out of the argument. “The fastest coach, I don’t know if that would be me,” he said.

As for who would Mustaine choose? “Most likely [Metallica’s James] Hetfield or [Slayer’s] Kerry [King], he said. “Kerry is a very quick player. He is very talented at what he does. And you know, I never really looked at his picking method to see if it was all down-picking or if he was pedaling, which comes and goes. Some people call it butterfly picking, others call it pedaling.

He summed up: “I would say it has to be James or Kerry, yeah. I would like to say it’s me. I’m sure I have some really quick selection stuff. But I still think these guys are great. And Hetfield is still one of my favorite rhythm guitarists.

To that end, Mustaine then looked back on his days in Metallica, and specifically the incident where he punched Hetfield, which he claims led to his dismissal from the band.

“I wish things hadn’t ended the way they did,” Mustaine said of his relationship with Hetfield. “But you know, that serums, serums. It was a stupid thing I did while taking my dog ​​to training. And it was even dumber to hit him. I really respect him and I respect his game. And I hope he knows there’s a lot of people like me, who love him as a person and don’t care that he’s in Metallica. “

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