Willow Smith Says Jada Pinkett Smith Received Death Threats & “So Much Hatred” After Performing With Her Metal Band


Willow Smith reached musical fame at the age of 11. In 2009, the daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith released her first single, “Whip My Hair”. Although the song won massive praise for Smith, she decided to stop playing the hit and went on to pursue a career in rock music.

In a July 2021 interview, Smith shared that Pinkett Smith’s musical endeavors inspired her to find a place in the music industry. She also said she saw her mother get criticized for her music stuck with the 20-year-old performer.

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Willow Smith claims Jada Pinkett Smith faced ‘intense racism’ while performing in her band, Wicked Wisdom

In the 1990s, Will and Pinkett Smith became one of Hollywood’s traveling couples. The couple started dating shortly after Will’s divorce from Sheree Zampino. In 1997, they married. A year later, their son, Jaden Smith, was born. On Halloween 2000, Smith was born, completing their family. Will also has an eldest son, Trey Smith, from his marriage to Zampino.

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Growing up in the public eye, Smith observed some of the criticism his parents received firsthand. In an interview with L’Officiel for its July 2021 cover, the “Time Machine” artist said music fans treated her mother badly. Amidst his box office success of The matrix, Pinkett Smith formed a nu-metal band called Wicked Wisdom. When fans realized the actor was the group’s favorite, Smith said his mother had received “intense racism” and death threats from the public.

“My mom has so much hate,” Smith says. “It was intense racism and sexism, just packed by the dozen. People made death threats at him, threw glass at him on stage. Crazy stuff has fallen.

Willow Smith recently paid tribute to Jada Pinkett Smith and Wicked Wisdom

In the same interview, Smith explains that watching the flack Pinkett Smith received made her insecure about her music career. After the success of “Whip My Hair”, the singer took a break from her craft. When she returned to music, she made her debut with alternative and independent rock songs like “I Am Me”.

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“I was able to see this hate with my own eyes,” says Smith. “It was so scary for me, and I think I internalized it a bit.”

Over the years, Pinkett Smith has worked on other projects instead of Wicked Wisdom. However, Smith celebrated his mother’s music during a May 2021 episode of Red table. In honor of Mother’s Day, she sang with Pinkett Smith’s band and performed their song “Bleed All Over Me”.

Willow used her next album to “fulfill” a musical desire

On July 2, 2021, Smith plans to release his single “Lipstick”. According to USA today, the single will give his audience a preview of his next album. The project, titled Lately I’ve been feeling it all includes a song with Travis Barker of Blink-182. Through the album, Smith says she plans to create a new generation of black rock stars.

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“I just wanted to fulfill this desire that I had since I was 10 or 12 years old to sing rock, to be a black woman singing rock,” she says.

Smith’s album, Lately I’ve been feeling it all releases July 16, 2021.


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