Your Catafalque with Rïcïnn | The Underworld, London 15/09/2022 | Live review

September 24, 2022|LIVE REVIEW

An explosive evening of experimental, alternative, dark and metal music! your catafalquefirst appearance in the UK with the marvelous single Ricinn.


Tonight was the first night that your catafalque marched to our shores and took up arms to play in the UK. This child in love with Hungarian, Tamas Kataican be an odd listen, sounding a lot like bands such as Ulver, Sigh Where Ihsahnmany projects to name a few. Rooted in Black Metal, bathed in Folk and endowed with an experimental and electronic side, your catafalque earned the nickname Avant-Garde Metal. Equip the Experimental Artist Ricinn; original idea of Laure Le Prunenec of Igorr, Öxxö Xööx and Corpo-Mente celebrity; your catafalque took a natural step in throwing their music on the crowds of London’s underworld.

What strikes first is the relative emptiness of the room, whether it’s recent events or the lack of familiarity with the two groups, it’s hard to say, given that your catafalque never toured England before and Ricinn is a newcomer to the scene. Ricinn also has a tough spot to fill, both being the first band of the night and playing music that doesn’t easily hit Metal crowds. It was hauntingly beautiful, but doesn’t have the same brutal power as your catafalque struck, nor would one expect to Ricinn‘s audience – one would be forgiven for thinking they would be comfortable with more popy artists.

The sheer gravity of Laure Le PrunenecThe voice of was what put the crowds to sleep who were transfixed by their experimental and atmospheric music. As she took the stage with such spectral glee, her counterpart sat with his guitar like a corpse churning out powerful songs. Their energy, drive, and professional musicianship make them a band that’s hard to argue with, but an unfortunate act that’s hard to swallow. The songs could have hit better than they did and despite all the excitement and charisma of the performance, Ricinn fall slightly lower than they should in the smoky, black walls of the Underworld.

Score: seven/ten

your catafalque

Now, another thing to consider with the Underworld is that it’s not a huge room, whereas your catafalque are a huge group. Despite Tamas Katai being in the center of the band, your catafalque employs a wide range of musicians including 4 singers! your catafalque mastered the stage with the many members cramming it to blast their music, likewise the packed crowd managed to fill the space in front of them. The band has an obvious chemistry, which comes across charismatically as their fun energy bursts into their set. Especially this time the drums and guitars are much louder, heavier and distorted. They arrived on stage with the raw energy expected of Black Metal. Beginning with a powerful and polished tone, their atmosphere is somewhat robbed by the lack of prominent keys and electronic mediums in their music.

They played a tight and fierce onslaught, steering their setlist towards something much closer to the rough Black Metal you’d expect from bands like Drudkh Where Winterfylleth. Starting with earlier works like “Fekete Mezők” helped ground them in their roots, but the unfortunate silence of the synthesizers caused us to lose much of the dynamic feel of their songs, which are usually quite long anyway. So, despite the enormous energy they brought to get things started, it was starting to fade by the time later songs broke that mold by bringing these elements to the forefront of the sound: “Móló”, “Embersólyom” (a powerful Kalaka cover) and ‘Töltés’. It is, however, a much-needed and fantastic change to their set that brings out their strengths as a group. For all their power as an extreme metal act, they are known for the most experimental elements.

‘Szarvas’ form a solid, energetic culmination of their set, bringing it back to brutal metal, while being a relative crowd-pleaser. What is striking is the ability to your catafalque to easily mix styles in a set, even if leaning towards a heavier side, he still easily weaves from different styles in a way that doesn’t shock the audience. They played with easy excitement and although a bit cramped on stage, they rotated the members in a way that felt like multiple encores throughout the night. He plays with the scene and the excitement. Being accomplished and heavily experimental musicians means they are not a band to be lightly ignored. Their folk influences are not the easiest thing to distinguish from the set, but they are hammered home with the bookend of ‘Fehérvasárnap’. Tamas Katai sings an atmospheric rapprochement that sums up the most Hungarian moments of the night. Something that started so completely Black Metal ends letting Hungarian Folk shine through.

Score: 8/ten

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